Criminal Record

I was lucky enough not to get into any serious trouble during my childhood/teenage years. I am confident to say that I was well put together and had a good mentality. My friends were fairly nerdy and all we wanted to do most of the time was play video games after school or during the morning hours of Saturday.

But for other people, this may not be the case. I collaborated with another designer on this book simply because we needed to get this book to the book stores as quickly as possible. The value for this book is stunning. It is jammed packed with useful information on how to get yourself out of the criminal records book. It provides quick and easy facts about what you should do if you were “finger printed.”

Walking through the design, the cover shows a very fierce passion red with a finger print, that is invalid of course. The red also reflects back to its home land; Canada.

The interior design was the hardest and one of the most detailed job I had to design. It contained a lot of charts, graphs, tables and pull quotes. It was definitely a pain to micro manage all of these styles and elements because along the way it was confusing me on which styles to apply.


The beautiful thing about this book is, it really pin points the crucial information a victim might need to get out of the system. It is a well designed and written book, backed with a wonderful support system. The author provided a number where you can contact them with any questions you may have about getting rid of your criminal record.

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