Switching Channels

As a graphic designer, its always important to learn how to switch channels. One day you could be working on the most romantic cover that needs a soft focus background, gentle objects and intimate models. The next, it could be a grave yard scene or a sniper’s distance.

This is the case when it came to Debra Webb’s upcoming re-release digital titles. It called for a new spin that would tie her titles together. It opt for the viewer to look thru some greenery before hitting the focal point.

Here are the two new instalments that I designed.

Again, these images were from image banks that are accessible to the public.

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It Needs to Tell A Story

Part of the reason why I started to blog again is because progress equals to happiness. If you feel like you are making progress in some area of your life, you feel happy.

Back when I was thirsty for a design website, I started this blog so that I can post my work. I wanted to share my journey of design with people that I cannot reach on a day to day basis.

Today I have Debbie Macomber, a New York Times Bestselling author. She has a very specific taste in her covers. It has to be simple, enticing and it has to tell a story.

Without giving too much away, here is a break down of the images.



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I’m with Harlequin

Hi Guys,

Its been a long while since I have posted but things have changed for the better in my design career. Back in 2015, I was working hard on my craft because I wanted change. I lucked out during the month of July. Harlequin was hiring a Photoshop Expert/ Designer, I applied and was hired.

My portfolio has expanded into a more mature manner in terms of content and skill. In today’s post, I have New York Times Bestselling author; Carla Neggers. I wanted to share this simple in yet sophisticated cover because it got a lot of positive feedback. This artwork was a marriage of 4 stock images to create this beautiful scene.

Enjoy. =)


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I never would have guessed that OCAD University would give me the chance to design their graduation catalogue. It’s been so long since I have stepped foot in the school. When I accepted this project, I knew this was going to be a beautiful commissioned piece.


The aim for this project was to create a catalogue that would show case each hand designed piece of art by the student body. I wanted the work to shine and the design to compliment it.

Thus a simplistic but in yet tasteful layout was born. During the ideation phase, we went through a lot of different ideas and it was difficult to commit to one idea. I not only had to cater to the OCAD community but I also wanted to add a splash of my own style to it.

We considered a lot of different colours for this year’s catalogue. Mint green was on the top list due to its mellow and abstract nature. But the most challenging part of this design was the cover.

The cover had to portray and represent everyone in the department. I couldn’t just use anyone’s artwork and call it a cover because that would be “unfair” towards the other students who worked so hard throughout the year.

I couldn’t decide so I used everyone’s work and gave all the students the right recognition they deserve.

Here are some interior spreads form the catalogue.




The uploads for these spreads made the colours extra bright but I want you to get a feel and flow of the book. Please excuse the off colours that you see.


Criminal Record

I was lucky enough not to get into any serious trouble during my childhood/teenage years. I am confident to say that I was well put together and had a good mentality. My friends were fairly nerdy and all we wanted to do most of the time was play video games after school or during the morning hours of Saturday.

But for other people, this may not be the case. I collaborated with another designer on this book simply because we needed to get this book to the book stores as quickly as possible. The value for this book is stunning. It is jammed packed with useful information on how to get yourself out of the criminal records book. It provides quick and easy facts about what you should do if you were “finger printed.”

Walking through the design, the cover shows a very fierce passion red with a finger print, that is invalid of course. The red also reflects back to its home land; Canada.

The interior design was the hardest and one of the most detailed job I had to design. It contained a lot of charts, graphs, tables and pull quotes. It was definitely a pain to micro manage all of these styles and elements because along the way it was confusing me on which styles to apply.


The beautiful thing about this book is, it really pin points the crucial information a victim might need to get out of the system. It is a well designed and written book, backed with a wonderful support system. The author provided a number where you can contact them with any questions you may have about getting rid of your criminal record.

If you would like to purchase a copy, click here. (Amazon.ca)



Design is always and will be a process. Even finished designs are not complete at times due to the nature of art.

One of the most important skills of a graphic designer is to be resourceful when you are limited in resources. 

3-Minute Einstein is a perfect example of restrictions. The image of Einstein was way out of budget for our publishing house. We could have reused the previous images but we didn’t have access to them and this book was already back ordered. 

front cover

The beige cover was the original cover that another designer did, it was dated and needed a face lift for a more refreshed audience. It was still a great source of inspiration for me.

Since we didn’t have the budget to purchase the image, I had to do a live trace on Einstein and vectorize him. 


Thus a new cover was born. A face lifted version that I believe is more enticing then the previous one. It’s edgy, modern and the colour composition is attractive. Bringing Einstein back to life was not an easy task but the final product is rewarding. 

If you are interested in purchasing a copy click here (amazon.com). 

The Power of Harmony

Its always a challenge trying to find the perfect cover image. At times a designer would need to be resourceful and create their own composition.

The Power of Harmony is a perfect example of this and it never cease to amaze me how well this works.

6800112373_4a936a6eae_o 680-02755599

The story talks about two girls coming together as friends. They face different challenges through the school year and discovers a very unique bonding with each other.

I used the two stock images and combined them together to create a new image. A filter was used to portray a vintage/old school vibe, paired with a hand written style typeface that reflects a more personal touch.

If you are interested in purchase the book. Click here (amazon.com)