It Needs to Tell A Story

Part of the reason why I started to blog again is because progress equals to happiness. If you feel like you are making progress in some area of your life, you feel happy.

Back when I was thirsty for a design website, I started this blog so that I can post my work. I wanted to share my journey of design with people that I cannot reach on a day to day basis.

Today I have Debbie Macomber, a New York Times Bestselling author. She has a very specific taste in her covers. It has to be simple, enticing and it has to tell a story.

Without giving too much away, here is a break down of the images.



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I’m with Harlequin

Hi Guys,

Its been a long while since I have posted but things have changed for the better in my design career. Back in 2015, I was working hard on my craft because I wanted change. I lucked out during the month of July. Harlequin was hiring a Photoshop Expert/ Designer, I applied and was hired.

My portfolio has expanded into a more mature manner in terms of content and skill. In today’s post, I have New York Times Bestselling author; Carla Neggers. I wanted to share this simple in yet sophisticated cover because it got a lot of positive feedback. This artwork was a marriage of 4 stock images to create this beautiful scene.

Enjoy. =)


You can buy this book here: