Born Ugly

Born Ugly was my first book that I have ever designed. As I review and share this book with you, I have to admit it was a time of exploration I was still new to the book design genre and explored many different possible ideas.

Still to this day, I refer back to this cover design because of the powerful, simplicity and effective nature of it. This young adult novel talks about a teenage girl who gets bullied at school, she experiences verbal abuse and loneliness. All of these emotional states will drive anyone up the wall and force you to hide herself from the world.

With the story line in mind, this gave me a perfect opportunity to utilize the idea of The Ring girl imagery. Having lots of hair draped in front of her face. I topped it off with a layer of funky looking typography. This not only showed how she wanted to disappear from everything but it also portrayed her as a very insecure school girl.

The spine of my book is always one of my favourite parts. I feel that it should always stand out from the front and the back because this is the part of the book that viewers see first depending on how the book is shelved.

And it’s always nice to see your own name in your work. Remember to always give credit where credit is due.

If you are interested in purchasing this book click here.


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