So You Want to Write a Children’s Book

This book was one of my first published designs from Red Deer Press. I was very excited when I first got the project because it was targeted towards a more mature audience. Thus, my aim was to design a book that focused solely on typography.


The cover design was challenging. I have to constantly ask myself, what image or composition would represent all the children’s books out there without making it look amateur.

I went through several design concepts that involved vector drawings of kids playing in a playground, coupled with beautiful san serif type. Then I had the idea of dissecting typography and identifying each detail of the letter as a term in the english language.

All of this was very complicated, I decided to go back to the basics and think about what really makes a children’s book. Then it came to me, magic was the solution.

I drew up some sketches and came up with the idea of having an open book, flaring out stars or magic dust. My inspiration came from the endless Disney movies that I watched when I was a kid.



The interior I felt was a breeze, it contained a lot of quotes and short lists of information. This gave me an excellent excuse to use my pull quote designs to give it a clean approach.

I have many books to share with you, so please check back next week.



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